A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

„SECOND CHANCE” is a visual novel (otome game) settled in a fantasy world full of magic.

You play as Aria - a girl who two years ago lost most of her memories in mysterious circumstances. This is a story of how her troubled past caught up with her and how she used this second chance she was given to change her former life... and maybe even find true love.

A full version of the game features:

  • 4 romanceable characters (men);

  • love triangles and lots of jealousy between characters;

  • over a hundred choices for player to make strongly affecting the ending of the game;

  • a few big plot twists;

  • 11 different endings (both good and bad);

  • you can make your protagonist whoever you want – a sassy flirt, a true lady, a sweet little angel or straight up evil and manipulative woman;

  • lots of humor as well as more serious moments and difficult moral dilemmas;

  • beautiful royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com)

  • unique graphics (characters and backgrounds) made solely for this game;

  • a game using a Ren'py engine.

Please enjoy this demo version and let me know what you think. Any feedback will be very appreciated!

You can also contact me via e-mail: nefreti85@gmail.com


Install instructions

Just download the game,  extract the file and play (click Second_Chance_Demo.exe)!


Second_Chance_Demo-1.0-all.zip (341 MB)


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So is it just the demo? or is there more? or will there be more in the future? Cause I really need more XD I got so invested into the characters and was impressed by just how many choices there were to make. <3 So many questions im asking myself now that i need answers to that i wont state in here for risk of spoilers, I will definatly be watching. :)

Oh, there will definitely be much more in the nearest future. After all in the description of the game I've promised 11 different endings ;)

Cant wait then to experiance them all, once available :D Always love a game that gives me the option to call someone an asshole when i first meet them >w> lol

HOLY GOD IM SO !!!!!!!

i cant even put into words the way this made me feel

like im rolling on my bed and hollering at the end BC THAT PLOT TWIST !! the whole plot to this is soo good and im completely looking forward to the whole release. bc damn!! im so excited 

all of my screaming aside, there's grammar mistakes and misspellings, but a simple run through will fix those. the art's neat and simple, whoever the artist is has a lot of potential and i look forward to seeing their art style grow. 


my sister had to tell me to shut up i was so loud 

also can i just say "Aria" is best girl??? actual fave (also Casimir ;))

anway im totally looking forward to the rest of this game and wish you the best with it <3 (u got yourself a very happy supporter in ur future works and anything else) 

Wow, thanks so much! I'm glad you've enjoyed it so far.

By the way, I'm aware of possible  grammar mistakes and misspellings - that's because English isn't my native language. I will have to look for someone to help me fix those in the future.


This demo was good! The freedom with the choices was expansive (to my romantic detriment lol). You left off with a big cliffhanger but the demo was amazingly long, its enough to go back and choose more options though i'm still trying to wrap my mind around just how much the choices effect everything.

Thank you for giving this demo a try and for leaving a feedback!