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„SECOND CHANCE” is a free visual novel (otome game) settled in a fantasy world full of magic.

You play as Aria - a girl who two years ago lost most of her memories in mysterious circumstances. This is a story of how her troubled past caught up with her and how she used this second chance she was given to change her former life... and maybe even find true love.

A full version of the game features:

  • 4 romanceable characters (men);

  • love triangles and lots of jealousy between characters;

  • over a hundred choices for player to make strongly affecting the ending of the game;

  • a few big plot twists;

  • 11 different endings (both good and bad);

  • you can make your protagonist whoever you want – a sassy flirt, a true lady, a sweet little angel or straight up evil and manipulative woman;

  • lots of humor as well as more serious moments and difficult moral dilemmas;

  • beautiful royalty-free music by Kevin MacLeod (www.incompetech.com);

  • unique graphics (characters and backgrounds) made solely for this game;

  • a game using a Ren'py engine.

Here's some tips on what kind of MC guys may like:

MC for Casimir: strong, brave, independent, loyal, patient, collected, responsible, truthful, reliable, dutiful, respectful.

MC for Arantis: carefree, funny, flirty, energetic, self - confident, sociable, eccentric, quick – witted, sassy.

MC for Osario: kind, intelligent, wise, modest, helpful, hard-working, selfless, well – mannered, thoughtful.

MC for Xander: devoted, good – natured, merciful, open – minded, clever, understanding, strong – willed, fearless.   

Please enjoy this free full version of the game and let me know what you think. Any feedback or voluntary donation will be very appreciated and could help me make other games you may like!


27.08.2017 - It is my pleasure to present to you guys a new version of my "Second Chance" game (version 2.0) - corrected and edited by Haruka Nami. Enjoy!

PlatformsWindows, macOS, Linux
Rated 4.6 out of 5 stars
(88 total ratings)
GenreVisual Novel, Role Playing
Made withRen'Py
TagsFantasy, Female Protagonist, Magic, Mystery, Otome, relationship, Ren'Py, Romance


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I remember waiting to play this game when only the demo had been released. It feels so nostalgic to return to this!

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This was an enjoying ride. Osario is my favorite LI (I love scholars, and I love smart LI with low self-esteem issues). His story is touching and I think he is the character that has the most interesting evolution.

I created an entry on vndb to reference this game.


I absolutely loved this, I hope you have future projects (preferably with characters like Xander again lmao)

Thanks for sharing your work <3


I love this i have no more words to say.  And Xander, my god i loved his route! <3 <3 <3

Thanks. I'm glad you enjoyed it.  :)

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This begins as a typical but enjoyable story, but it eventually blossoms into something great.  The author turns your world upside down in the best possible way.  This is definitely one of the very best visual novels I have ever read, masterfully told in a way that nearly brought me to tears.  There are some translation problems, but I still have to give it my highest recommendation.

The story is so great, I'm playing it right now for the first time, and I can't wait to do it again.

One of the best games in this site! The art is completely stunning and the story blew my mind. Really loved the game. Just wanted the know if there is a walkthrough, I am having trouble finding one.

Yes, there is :)  Haruka Nami’s walkthrough of my game was posted here (https://harukanami.itch.io/second-chance).

Wow, I loved this game! The story is very good!!

Thank you :)

Hi! I don't know if you still read these comments, but I hope you do since I'm playing this game right now (and loving it!). I reached ending 6 yesterday (trying to romance Arantis, but ending up with Xander), and decided again to try and romance Arantis today. The thing is, I'm pretty sure I'm choosing most of the right options, and on the balcony scene with Oriana, when she asks you if you want to know what one of the men feels, she says that Arantis has feelings for the MC, and everything seems to be pointing in that direction. Then, after stealing the key in the tavern and having a chance to check in with one of the potential love interests, Arantis just tells MC that "she is a great apprentice" and MC confirms that he has no feelings for her. I'm just wondering what I'm doing wrong? I did choose to spend time with Osario at one point instead of Arantis, maybe that's why? Although that was a while ago... Anyway, I would be grateful for a response :)

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Well, Arantis IS a hard one to get. :) Try changing a little your conversations with him and see how he reacts. You could also use Haruka Nami’s detailed walkthrough of my game – you can find it here (https://harukanami.itch.io/second-chance).

I will try again! I did look for a walkthrough, though, but although I saw that she had written that she has made a walkthrough, I can't find it anywhere on the link you sent. Maybe I'm blind? D: Sorry for the inconvenience, but would it be possible to send me the link directly to it?

Use the link I've sent you again, click red button "download now"on that page and choose the second file (walkthrough - 59 kB).

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I really loved this one.

It's an excellent long visual novel with lot of branches, some heavy (but logical) twists, a chance to shape the character's morality (and "win" as either good or evil, yay! ;-)) plus a self-sustained female in the main role, which is a very talented sorceress on top of it. This hit almost all of my (personal) preferences so well I simply had to love it and thanks again for making it! The characters are likebale and romance was quite touching at many places (especially Xander and the finale!) and it was really enjoyable to live it through.

However I do have few reservations to the text, which I will list here. Please take it more as suggestions for improvement than criticism, because I really love this product and if I wouldn't I wouldn't even bother to write anything in the first place. :-) It is no doubt one of the best VNs I played (and there is very few to my taste):

- Grammar and typos. I'm not from UK/US and my English is far from flawless but some mistakes were so severe that even I was disturbed by them or they even made it hard to understand the sentence's meaning. One for all: "She's nothing I can handle" - was an option at one point which in fact meant "She's nothing I _cannot_ handle".

- Give the reader a bit of credit in regard of his/her intelligence, it will make the story even more likebale and touching. Quite often there were lines like "I didn't have to look who it was. I already knew. It was Xander." Or something like that, where from the story even the reader knew it had to be him and the next paragraph would confirm it anyway. In this case, simply scratch that "It was Xander." and leave it hanging in the air instead. It's much more novel-like.

- Lastly... I know this may be hard to implement in a VN with four love-interests and so much freedom in choices but sometimes I felt the novel keeps all options open for too long. Like it was already quite clear from the previous choices who Aria loves or hates and yet she still pondered "romance" even with the character she already made clear to dislike or doubted her interest in the one she was already very close to. And the same was valid for their reactions towards her.

Thank you a lot for leaving this comment! In my opinion your criticism is very accurate and constructive and therefore much appreciated. :)

I am aware there are some things that could have been done to make this game better, but unfortunately I had to face  many limitations (my English as my second language isn't very good  :( ; my programming skill isn't great either; after paying for graphics I couldn't afford to pay some professional for anything else, etc.).  

Still, it's good to know that playing my imperfect game could make some people happy. That's all I wanted to achieve by creating it. :)    

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You surely did and I can't wait for more from you. :-) I love this genre but imho there are very few good VNs out there. For me a good VN is defined by tons of (meaningful) choices, chance to shape the main protagonist by them, nice graphics and an interesting story, preferably heroic and not overly weird. Yours had it all. :-) And on top of it it fits my personal preferences too, which are fantasy setting, a powerful female protagonist (ideally a mage/witch/sorceress even) and of course some interesting romance. ;-) While especially your romances were probably the best I've ever seen, including AAA games. They had emotional depth and were not always trivial to achieve. Many VNs/games confuse romance for a shallow 'click who you want to kiss/bang and it will happen' but you definitely didn't fall for such cheap facade and you have big kudos for it. :-)

Deleted 18 days ago

From what I know mac version has been updated as well.  I can hardly tell if any additional fixing is still required. Since I'm pretty bad at English grammar I've gladly accepted Haruka Nami's offer to help me fix those issues - and I'm grateful for that because it was a lot of work done for free (you may not know this but my game is really LONG). If someone wants to spend dozens of hours of unpaid work just to help me improve my game I'm never going to say "no, thanks".  :)   



The story telling was truly amazing. The lack of CG was not an issue due to how greatly it was written. I enjoyed Second Chance so much that I literally played 2 playthroughs in one sitting. The plot twists had me wanting more and more, lol. That's funny because I lose interest fairly quickly.


Casimir was my favorite but I couldn't help but love the secret character as well.

Amazing work! I also enjoyed the art style of the sprites and I look forward to more games♥

Definitely will be supporting you from now on. c:

ps; ...very curious about Alexia >.<

Thanks so much for your comment! Every time someone lets me know my work is appreciated it encourages me to keep working on my next game. :)

Hi,  I love your game, especially the storyline/plot.  However, I only rate for 4 star, just because I think this game could be better...particularly in grammar (and additional CGs, maybe) ;) Anyway, definitely looking forwards for your next ones! Best wishes! ^^

Thank you for your review! :) Maybe you don't know it yet, but thanks to Haruka Nami recently I've uploaded version 2.0 of my game (with fixed grammar issues). As for small number of CGs that's unfortunately the common result of working on extremely low-budget (at least my game is available for free!) 

Hi, thanks for the info.

And, sorry...it's not that I complained though^^

It was just a friendly though that you might need some feed back for your next ones... which I definitely will look forward to and won't mind to pay either ^^ Good luck!

Thank you :)

oh wow! the dialogue and story writing, the characters... i never expected this to have such intricate setting and backstories !! unfortunately i'm having trouble with Arantis' path.. :(( keep getting the normal, bad end... and the good end was 'a new beginning' ?? 


Yes, that's the good ending for Arantis :) If you have trouble getting it you can always check the hints listed below or Haruka Nami's walkthrough. :)

I liked the story enough that i went back and donated money for it. I would have donated more money but i is poor. Please keep me happy by making more games like this one. Make sure they are linux 64 compatible please and thank you.

Thank you for your support! I greatly appreciate it. 

Currently I'm trying to make another game you may like.  :)

Can't wait to read it! Remember, have fun creating it so we can have fun reading it.

Deleted 270 days ago

You're most welcome ;)


is there some kind of a walk-though for all of the endings for this game?


Maybe there will be in the future, but for now there's only some tips (look at the comments below).

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This game kicks ass! I ended up being a She Wolf even after pursuing one guy so faithfully... Haha XD Thank you for this wonderful game! I look forward to more of your marvelous works in the future. You're truly a great and talented writer! I just wish the endings had more descriptive things about their love life and marriage CGs or even kids. ><


Thanks for your review! :) Believe me, I would like to add more pictures to my next game, but I don't know if I will be able to - unfortunately they are quite expensive and I'm working on a low budget  ;(

Oh. Then an after storyline is good enough. :3 I'm a sucker for good endings! Especially romantic ones like with children/pets!

My English is not very good so I'm sorry about mistakes in my comment)

I registered here today just to be able to say to you how much I love this game. I consider it the best otome game I have ever played (and I played like A LOT). Of course the art here is not as polished as in most commercial games but it is not a problem here cause the story is captivating, amazing, alive... (don't know how to expres that). Each character is great. And so many choices here))) I really haven't seen a game like yours. Thank you a lot for creating it, I am waiting for your future projects)

And thank YOU for playing it and encouraging me to make another game! :)

Hiya, just wanted you to know that I left a review of Second Chance on EvnTide ^_^


Wow, thanks a lot for your insightful and yet spoiler-free review! All those who consider playing "Second Chance" should definitely read it first!  Having such a professional review makes me feel like I'm some real developer and my game is more than a home-made low-budget project. :)

Thank you again for that - you made me very happy by appreciating my work. :)

hi! i downloaded this game last night and i honestly didnt think i would be into it as much as i am. i thought it would be a whatever type of game, but this game literally had me on the edge of my seat. i felt like every second had me screaming in shock! i enjoyed the characters, especially the banter between arantis and everyone else. i also enjoyed how devoted xander was to aria even though he knew that there was a giant chance she wouldnt come back to him.


ps. i just played arantis' route (ive only played his and accidentally played xanders! when i mean accientally i mean i was trying to play arantis' route in the first place but i guess i did it wrong and i accidentally ended with xander, which was also a win situation so its okay!) and i was just wondering; is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? i know thats asking a lot, especially because technically theyre the only two people who came along that can actually save everyone, but it breaks my heart sacrificing either of them. i was just wondering because i know in xanders route they both sacrifice themselves and come out alive, but i also am aware that its because they were both in love.  but in arantis' route, aria is no longer in love with xander as he is with her.  sorry if i sound really complicated or something! i was just curious and i know it never hurts to ask!

i wanted to write a review of the game when i finished all routes but i really wanted to know the answer to my question first lololol thank you and once again im sorry bc i kinda feel like this is a pointless comment (other then the top part!)

keep up the good work! i also read somewhere that english wasnt your first language, and i think that you did a pretty darn good job making this game. im looking forward to your next games!!

Thanks! Like I said before I appreciate ALL kinds of comments.  :)

"is there any way to have a good ending (aka end up with arantis) without sacrificing aria or xander? " - Yes, there is.  :)

i am SCREAMING i was expecting you to say no! now i have a bunch of hope. thank you so much for the quick response, i appreciate it because sometimes people dont respond and im left wondering!

I hedged my bets with choosing a RO for too long, and ended up with, Xander.  I did not expect him be as he'd turned out.  All his reactions to the MC were so unexpected.   I hadn't even saved for a while because I was so 'in to' the game I'd forgotten to, and then decided to play like a 'boss!'  Cries lol

Fantastic game.  Lots of depth; plenty of replay value, and, I'm sure, the other ROs were awesome too.   I'll get back to them one day.  

Looking forward to all the other games that you have  to develop!  Cheers.

Thanks! I'm glad you've enjoyed my game :)

I'm starting to work on another game, but it may take a while - having a full-time job and family/social life I don't really have a lot of free time to intensively work on it ... :(   

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I'd thought my original post above, was too long and had edited it before posting.  Unfortunately, I didn't realise the bit that made more sense got chopped out.   I'd written that I loved all the guys, but, Xander, was fantastic to the point that I can't bring myself to romance the others.  Absolutely loved it!

Developing a game is a huge commitment in time, I don't know how you do it.  Selfishly though, I love that you are starting  work on a new one.  I can't wait.  :D

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love it so far! anyone else having trouble getting arantis ? Or getting Osario while still being friends w/ arantis (Both as the sweet, moral persona)?

It could be challenging, but not impossible to befriend them both at the same time – that’s because Arantis and Osario have completely different personalities and they don’t go together well. There are some things your MC does or says in front of them both that one approves, while the other disapproves. 

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totally got it! TY! but now i cant get arantis as the innocent girl im embarressed lol

You have no reason to be embarrassed. :)

Do u know if n e one  knows n e  posted hints on how to win characters (Arantis) over? I guess I'm naturally too nice or something heh...


I've already posted some small tips on how to get Arantis. Try using them :)

"Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him. " 

"MC for Arantis: carefree, funny, flirty, energetic, self - confident, sociable, eccentric, quick – witted, sassy."

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I've just finished the first playthrough of this game. And oh my dear god I'm so in love with it I can't even begin to put words on it!

I usually comment only after I'm done playing all the routes I wanted to play - and yes, sometimes I'm only planning on playing one route - but this time I'll make an exception and comment after only one route, even if I'm going to play all of them. The main reason is that the game is very long and very emotion loaded. Because of that, I need to take a break from it in order to let my feelings and my heart cool down before I play again, or I'll feel too guilty for doing another character's route haha!

Before I go deeper into the review, I'll start with non spoilery more technical things. Well, I've seen people tell that before, but the grammar needs some work. Now, since english isn't my language either, it didn't really bother me or hinder the experience, and I wouldn't be able to correct it anyway (I'm pretty sure I do my fair share or grammatical errors too haha). The art style is not really up my alley, but it's pretty nicely done and the characters are quite expressive, wich is the most important thing. Their designs are also lovely. And the music is gorgeous! I know it's freeware, but I really like the selection - it fits the mood perfectly!

And now, the part that contains SPOILERS! Be warned if you're reading this even if you're not the dev nor have finished the game!

So, I've decided to start with Casimir! And I must say the choice was difficult! Xander was not an option since I've avoided looking too in depth at the screencaps here, and I didn't read the comments before playing, so I didn't really know who was the fourth character. Because of that, I've decided for a first playthrough one of the boys from the party would be the best. But honestly, even having decided that, it was still hard as hell, because I love them all! So yeah, since I've decided to play Lysandra as a nice girl, I've tried to be the nicest possible to all of them anyway, and make my decision with the flow of the story... And I ended up getting naturally drawn to Casimir. I guess even if I love them all, he's really the one and only that would by my character type. And oh dear, he's so noble, gentle and cute at the same time - he's an awesome character and a great prince and I love him to no end haha!

I guess Casimir IS my favorite character, but it's hard to tell before doing the other routes. I mean, I'm pretty sure I understand Arantis and Osario fairy well now, and I'm certain I won't have any trouble getting their good endings now  (as Casimir is my type, his route was very easy for me even on the first try), but it's never the same when you "understand" the character versus when you actually do their routes, so yeah. And then... we have Xander... and oh dear, he's so great too. And he broke my heart so hard... I'm pretty sensitive to amnesia in fiction - it's often such a pet peeve for me that it already happened I simply didn't play a game because amnesia was too important in it. But when I choose to play, I get easily very emotional. And well, I had the feeling I could almost feel myself Xanders pain at seeing how his one and only love doesn't remember him, and how she now loves another man. He literally made me cry even when I wasn't actually doing his route. And making Lysandra tell him she's sorry but she now loves another man was one of the most difficult choices I had to do in videogames. Ever. It had to be done, but the pain... oh the pain...

I guess I have to leave Xander's route and do it last. The guilt would be too big if I did another route after doing his, so yeah... I guess Arantis will be the next one. I don't know if I like him or Osario better, but his route seems slighly harder - may as well do it next.

Speaking of difficulty, I must say I LOVE the amount of choices the game offers! You did a great job with allowing the player to shape Lysandra's mindset and opinions about life, people, love and so on. It was sooo enjoyable. And also, it allowed to really shape the relationships and interactions between the characters as please. The characters really feel alive thanks to that! But at the same time, it didn't make the game too difficult wich would have been annoying since it's so long. Congrats on that!

Another thing I really enjoyed was the fact you didn't put any "secondary romances". I really dislike when characters end up with someone else if you don't do their routes. Some games do that, but to me it feels like in the end, the route you do doesn't matter since an NPC will be able to do exactly the same as you for the character, in the end. And also, the game's very title "Second Chance". I'm genuinely happy the title isn't only about Lysandra's second chance at life after the amnesia, but also about everyone else's second chances. Casimir who lost his first love, Arantis who was betrayed by the one he loved, Osario who was only used by the person he wanted to notice him and respect him... And of course Xander who already lost Lysandra once. 

Okay... I feel like I'm writing a book about your game at this point haha! I think I should stop now!

So yeah, to conclude this gigantic comment, I want to thank you again for making this game. I really enjoyed every bit of it, and it may be one of my favorite otome games ever. I'll probably comment after playing each other route, so expect more from me! Though I'll probably get more into depths about the routes once I'm done with all of them. It would be better.

Anyway, thank you again for the wonderful experience!

Wow, I’m AMAZED by all those small and subtle things you’ve noticed (like a title being not only about Aria’s journey)! I must say you REALLY get me and what I wanted to create. It’s like you’re in my head and get my point of view completely. :) 

Thank you so much for leaving this comment, I greatly appreciate it!  Especially since I truly believe that feedback help me grow as a creator. :)

“I'll probably comment after playing each other route, so expect more from me!” - Can’t wait! I hope you enjoy other routes as well! :)

Haha, I'm glad you say I understood the game so well! Makes me happy!

Even though I wanted to wait before replaying, since I've finished another game in the meantime to clear my mind, I guess I'll be able to try Arantis's route sooner than expected, actually! Though, as I said, I'll go deeper into the routes once I'll finish them all (well, all the good endings at least). But I'll probably comment anyway once I'll be done with him.

On a side note, is it possible for people to die in the game? I'm pretty sure Lysadra or Xander can die at the end depending on how friendly their relationship is - in my case Lysandra wanted to do it, but Xander decided to intervene, and in the end both survived (wich I guess is the key for his good ending, by the way). But I have a feeling Osario and Arantis could die too, am I right? Since I knew Osario liked Lysandra a lot, while Arantis a bit less, I've left Arantis to deal with Adrien, and took Osario with the team for the final battle, then refused to follow Xander's plan during the climax. I simply don't have the heart to try and do something else since it may mean someone's death, but I still want to know haha


"I'm pretty sure Lysadra or Xander can die at the end depending on how friendly their relationship is - in my case Lysandra wanted to do it, but Xander decided to intervene, and in the end both survived (wich I guess is the key for his good ending, by the way)."  - You obviously guessed correctly,  :)

"On a side note, is it possible for people to die in the game?" - There's plenty of times someone can die - it's actually pretty hard NOT to let people die in this game :) 

In chapter 11:

-  MC can be killed by Alexia out of jealousy;

- Alexia can be killed by Xander;

- Xander can be killed (poisoned) by MC;

In chapter 12:

- MC can be killed by Valedorn;

In chapter 14:

-  Alexia can be killed by MC;

In chapter 15:

- everyone (including MC) can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Osario can be killed by Master Altrane;

- Arantis can be killed by Xander;

- MC can be killed by Arantis when Master Altrane controls him;

In chapter 16:

- MC can die (sacrifice herself);

- Xander can die (sacrifice himself);

- MC can kill everyone (bad ending nr 2);

- MC and Xander can together kill everyone (bad ending nr 3);

- Xander can kill himself and MC trying to stop her (ending nr 6);

- MC can have her memories wiped out again (bad ending nr 4).

Kudos to you if everyone survived in your playthrough!  :)

(1 edit)

Oh my god, I can't believe it! Haha I though "maybe" people can die at some point, but seeing that... Wow!

By the way, I'm more or less halfway through Arantis's route, so I'll probably "report" about that soon!

Edit: yeah, everyone survived in my playthrough, forgot to mention it, but I guess it seems obvious from my answer. I really didn't want anyone to die if I could avoid it, so yeah...

(1 edit)

English is not my native language, so I'm sorry for all my mistakes. :v It's the first time when I write longer comment in english and I'm doing it because it's one of the best visual novels that i have ever played (or read). So many choices, great characters, nice art. I liked best Arantis, but unfortunately I couldn't get route with him :< This asshole friendzoned me. I tried twice, but I failed. The second best character (for me) of course is Xander. I could transcribe (?) more, but I better end up this comment here. xd

 I wanted you to know that your game is amazing  even if it's not that popular. I hope that you won't stop making visual novels/games.

*What I would have done without uncle google? :v*

Thanks so much for your comment! It means a lot to me you put an effort to write this and let me know you like my game :) It really encourages me to make more games in the future!

"English is not my native language" - hey, same here :) There are otome fans all over the world, so it doesn't matter.

PS.  A little tip - Arantis likes a challenge and a little bit of bickering, so don't be too amenable to him.  

Third time's a charm! (if not contact me via e-mail and I will help you win his heart <3 ) 

Omg, i did it finally! xD I had to have a few attempts, but i did it. :v

Congratulations! You get Arantis as a reward :)


It was wonderful game. Nice, funny, old good fantasy. And Aria was such adorable. Here some present for you <3 http://i.imgur.com/CjNK4PB.png

That is AMAZING! Thank you so much! You've made my day :)

It's been a long time that a visual novel really pull my heartstrings lately, at first I thought this was going to be short like most free vn I usually found but then I'm intrigued because after an hour I still haven't finished and end up taking all night to finish it. and I don't have any regrets doing that.

I really love the plot twist in the story, lots of choices and how each characters interacted, and the first ending I got is NR 11 and I was on dilemma to go for other endings because it was the perfect ending for me and I don't want to change it and Xander is hands down the best man, because I love how dramatic he is with his words towards his beloved.

I really hope to see more of your works in the future!

Thanks a lot.  I'm glad you've enjoyed my game.

 It looks like Xander is (almost) everybody's favourite.  :)


The grammar was absolutely atrocious. I spent almost literally every second of the game rereading and trying to make sure I interpreted everything correctly ontop of mentally correcting typos and repeated spelling errors... Was Crystal purposefully spelled with an 'i'?

That being said the game was sweet, the story was lovely and interesting and the characters were wonderful. I can never choose between Casimir and Xander I just... Always feel heartbroken no matter which way I go. The main story was a touch predictable but there were a bunch of little pieces that fit together nicely. It reminded me alot of many other stories that I enjoyed without outright copying the plot and I enjoyed it more than I initially expected.

The art was nice, a bit cartoony and rough but very endearing. I enjoyed the game over all but it was admittedly a bit too much work to read for me. Having to rearrange sentences in my head so that I could make sense of the writing was a bit of a chore so I doubt I'd really replay it but it was a very nice story and I'm glad I continued reading until the end.

(2 edits)

"The grammar was absolutely atrocious." - Since you're a self-proclaimed "super grammar nazi" I can only imagine the horror you had to face while playing my game:) I actually have someone helping me fix all those grammar mistakes (because English isn't my native language), so the next version of my game shouldn't be so painful for people like you :)

"It reminded me alot of many other stories" - Really? Which ones? I'm curious.

I did assume that English wasn't your native language, considering that I it is still very good. I just personally have a lot of trouble focusing on the story when I'm mentally correcting it all in my head. It's not your fault at all but it is definitely something that affects my ability to enjoy the story.  I'm glad you're not taking offense to it and I'm really happy to hear that you're still working to improve it even though it is probably a small matter for most people.
The other stories would be Dragon Age obviously with the mage tower thing, the bindings and the secret mage ritual. You put your own spin on it and it was different enough that it remained interesting. Also one of your companions turning out to be a prince. =P Then also Amnesia(just very vaguely but it made me think of this when I initially learned she'd lost her memory), with the memory loss and not being able to remember the person she had been with for the past years of her life.  Which the circumstances were very different and no one was dying and she didn't have a spirit in her head or anything so less so that story. Xander was also very different from Ukyo so I'm not sure why it reminded me of that at all. But I think the main thing it reminded me of regarding the memory loss is SoulSet. Arantis even reminded me a bit of Marco. As I said the similarities aren't such that they take away from your story in the least.

Thanks! "SoulSet" and "Amnesia" are two games I haven't played yet, but I guess now I will have to.  :)

Soulset is really weird and... I mean I loved the story but some parts of it were strange and Idk if it's for everyone. xD but yeah they were both pretty interesting. Especially if you like stories with a twist. =]

Words can't even describe how much I love this game! pvp

To be honest, when I first downloaded it I wasn't expecting to enjoy it as much as I did. The characters were likable, the story was fantastic...just...I can't even. Though all the guys had their charm, Xander was best boy for me 10/10 (Arantis is a close second)! I didn't mind the grammatical errors too much because in a text heavy game I tend to expect some here and there. I managed to get all the endings (which wasn't easy but it was worth it lol). Looking forward to your future projects! <3

Thanks a lot for giving this game a try! Some people tend to  ignore low-budget games (without flashy intros and expensive high-quality graphics) assuming they can't be worth playing. I'm glad you weren't one of them!

(1 edit)

Such a beautiful, wonderful game <3 Your game had much more soul and passion in it then most commercial, polished otomes out here. (I totally slacked off in my  school studies because I was so into this game haha!) It just really made me feel like I was going on this amazing adventure with the characters. It really showed that you put a lot of time and effort into this game, story and characters. There are no words to describe how much I enjoyed this game. I loved how you could shape the main character, and I specifically loved Xander's character. A lot of otomes made very bland, archetypical characters that get boring after a while. Your characters and story are all so multidimensional and complex.  That barely happens nowadays, and I really appreciate your hard work to give us this beautiful game. The only things I think should've been different were the grammar/spelling issues and more sprites for Xander--he constantly looked evil and insincere with his smug smile sprite and it was misleading haha. xD 

Thank you thank you thank you. I look forward to seeing more work for you! You should definitely make your next game commercial, I'd pay good money to play your games!

Thanks so much for your review! I'm glad you like my game even if it has some issues due to its  extremely low-budget  :)

With a little more time, money and help of other creators I will hopefully make my next game even better and more polished :)

For some reason it wont open on mac?

It should work on your macOS (I know it worked for other people).  Remember to first extract the files.

Hmm weird because I downloaded the file and clicked the zip file and it led me to a folder that contained the game (it does this with all of the games I download from Renpy &it usually opens but..) but nothing would pop up.

I'm sorry tsunako, I don't have macOS and I'm not a very good computer specialist so I don't know how to help you :( 

But I know for a fact that some people were able to open my game on macOS. 

Aw it's okay! I'll keep trying! It just looks like a really promising game, especially due all of the positive feedback TTATT

The music is amazing! It really fits the theme of your game!

I think so too and that's why I've chosen  Kevin MacLeod's songs.

PS. I look forward to working with you in the future :)

I thoroughly enjoyed this game.  My favorite characters were Xander and Arantis.  Xander won for me hands down - there's nothing like a devoted lover  who's also a rebel ;). 

Osario was the most difficult path for me. I had to remember who he was as a character so I had to make choices that would make him feel more capable and more confident. 

Thank you so much for creating this - I can't wait for your upcoming projects.  I loved all the choices too - it made it all the more fun <3

You are welcome :) 

 It's nice to see people are responding so positively to my game (especially since I'm just one girl and not some big company that hires a lot of people).

n e one get xander on their side w/o leading him on a bit?

You mean during encounter with  Valedorn? I think it's enough to be moderately nice to him (without leading him on). 

ty i just felt awful about it lol

(1 edit)


I just want to add that you wrote the romance option I most desired to see in a visual novel with Xander. Not only did you avoided the clichee ''yandere'' trope, and even though his romance with the protag plays a large part in his  character, you managed to give Xander a personality of his own ( in the way he cared for his sister, in interacting with other characters, and in the way he talks  with the protagonist and how he perceives her). 

He is a perfect mix of a villainous man and a caring lover. You really hit the nail on the head with that combination without one quality overlapping the other. He is protective of the heroine but he also admires and respects her. ( his character design was also a nice touch for me: that fatal combination of long black hair and icy blue eyes (/ •́ω•̀ )/ ♡  ). Throughout his route, I felt that they had excellent chemistry, a display of true love at its best.

Thank you kindly for his route ! :'D I wish there were more characters similar to how you wrote him. Cheers!


Thanks! Xander is actually one of my favourite characters too :) There will definitely be someone with similar personality in my next game!

<3 I'm very pleased to hear that your future vn plans also include more of his archetype. Will be following you for updates :D. Take care and thank you again, dear !


Is there a guide for all endings? I got the romances but jw...

(1 edit) (+1)

Here it is - list of possible endings and simplified requirements for getting them:

ENDING NR 1 (BAD): LIFE IS NOT A FAIRY TALE – MC has to die before reaching the final chapter of the game

ENDING NR 2 (BAD): QUEEN OF DARKNESS – MC has to fail her character's test (don't be a good enough person); MC can't be in relationship with Xander

ENDING NR 3 (BAD): WORLD IS OUR PLAYGROUNG – MC has to fail her character's test, Xander has to fail his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Xander

ENDING NR 4 (BAD): HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS - MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to fail his character's test, MC can't choose to sacrifice herself for others

ENDING NR 5 (NORMAL): ULTIMATE SACRIFICE - MC has to pass her character's test, MC can't be in relationship with Xander, MC must choose to sacrifice herself for others, Xander has to fail his character's test (or he can pass it but only if MC wasn't too nice for Xander)

ENDING NR 6 (NORMAL): TILL DEATH DO US PART - MC has to fail her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Xander

ENDING NR 7 (NORMAL): LONE SHE WOLF – MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC can't be in relationship with anyone or MC was in relationship with someone who died

ENDING NR 8 (GOOD): GOLDEN AGE – MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Casimir, MC can choose to sacrifice herself for others only if she was nice for Xander

ENDING NR 9 (GOOD): NEW BEGINNING - MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Arantis, Arantis must survive the final fight, MC can choose to sacrifice herself for others only if she was nice for Xander

ENDING NR 10 (GOOD): BETTER WORLD - MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Osario, Osario must survive the final fight, MC can choose to sacrifice herself for others only if she was nice for Xander

ENDING NR 11 (GOOD): TWO AGAINST THE WORLD - MC has to pass her character's test, Xander has to pass his character's test, MC must be in relationship with Xander, MC must choose to sacrifice herself for others

Getting all of them won't be an easy task! :)


I've tried different endings and I must say this:

Ending nr 6 "TILL DEATH DO US PART" is so beautifully tragic it made me cry! 

Ending  nr 4 " HISTORY IS WRITTEN BY THE VICTORS" is by far the most shocking!


I've played the game for 2 days now! It's an amazing game with an interesting storyline! There were many grammar issues, but it's understandable.  All the choices were a bit overwhelming, but I guess as you said, there's a lot of options to explore for yourself! 

With that being said, it really is quite difficult to get good endings for the guys. I've been trying to get Osario, but I always end up failing Xander's test of character. Can someone give me any tips to make  Xander's test of character pass? I tried reloading to an older save file and acting nicer to him (while focusing more of my choices to be about Osario) Do I just have to be completely affectionate to Xander? 

I believe it would be quite helpful if there was a list of hints, if a walkthrough isn't possible to be made. It will really help more players (and to avoid more comments asking for help) But that's just my wish, because there really is too many choices that sometimes may or may not influence your endings. I suppose I'm too used to having some sort of "good choice indicator" or a walkthrough that let's smoothly move on to each of my desired endings. Nonetheless, the effort to create this game was tremendous, and it overall amazing. 

You don't have to romance Xander for him to pass his character's test. Your MC just has to help him be "a better man" - merciful,  collected... Don't let him become angry, vengeful or act selfish, but most of all don't let him kill anyone if there is another solution!

I will try to make a list of hints  you've suggested in the nearest future :) 

As promised I've added some hints on how to get certain guys.


What an amazing game! It kept me up all night and I just want to fall asleep at work right now =D

Is there a walkthrough for this? I've tried to go after Casimir but he just didn't want my MC =(

That's because Casimir is a rather difficult man who doesn't trust easily. To make him fall for your MC she basically has to spend with him as much time as possible, support his decisions, help him fight his enemies, be fearless, loyal and honest :) Casimir is also sensitive about his social status so be mindful of that. Remember that Oriana can help Aria determine the progression of her relationship with him.  

I'm not planning to make a walkthrough - I want you guys to explore the options and see for yourself what works for different characters!

I only created an account here to thank you for this wonderful game, you managed to create a loveable characters, a main one especially (usually female heroes annoys me, but not this one), and there are so many choices, first time in my life a have played through  all game in one day, and I play a lot of otome games, but this one is sure special! I would pay more compliments to it, but my English isn't that eloquent =0

You're most welcome :) I'm glad you've enjoyed my game. Don't be so modest, your English is great!

thanks! is it your first game?  it's do well-written and funny,  if there are any of your other games, I would love to play them. So many choices reminds me of bioware games and nwn's dance with rogues, I believe you have a great talent!

ps. your womanizer mage character is awesome!

Thank you. This is my first game, but hopefully it won't be the only one :)

so ik i fell for Casimir but then i ended up loving Arantis with all my heart BUT GODAMMIT I LOVE XANDER SM !!! he just loved MC with all this heart and he was so good and pure and i just wanted to hug him all over ughhh

every good ending with the other three made me sob omg i was crying so hard i couldnt stop so i went with the normal ending for them too so i didnt pass out

ALSO ! i tried to donate but i dont have paypal so i like damn :,) def would give u some bc this game is one of the better ones ive played in a while the plot is waaaaay better than a lot of the ones you have to pay for 

good luck on your future ones man <3 

Thanks! Glad you've enjoyed it :)

DOWNLOADING IT NOW!!! Will review it soon! :)

Great, I want to know what you guys think of my debut visual novel :)

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